Success Stories

Grupo Nación S.A.

Graphic Power and Performance
Virtual Ascend advised one of the most important mass media communication companies of Costa Rica in the implementation of DaaS for the porpuse of editing and production of the newspaper. The facility originally was installed with company infrastructure and V3 Systems machines.

Our customer feedback:

’’This solution has evolved through the years and is currently being upgraded with the VAS* technology which gives us increased density of users, physical security and a noticeable reduction in administration costs, maintenance and service. In addition it gives a noticeable reduction in service time and allocation of new machines, resulting in a more time efficient enterprise in end-user management. The ”security” is mportant; now the user has their data in a ”backup container”, if the machine is damaged, the recovery is simple enough as to assign an new ona and Go! Data is protected. Is being studied the extension of VAS* service for the administrative-financial department, which will allow an extension of the life of their systems at a lower cost. ’’

Costa Rican - North American Cultural Center (NGOs)

Cost reduction and re-utilization IT assets.
This institution has great national reputation as an English academy; they choose VAS* technology.
With this decision CCCN re-utilize part of its obsolete infrastructure, centralized support team, significantly increase performance and speed able to reduce investment in new infrastructure. The CCCN implemented several versions of the VAS* technology: administrative stations, student terminals, teaching equipment, among others.

CIS – Develpment S. A.

Computational Power & Super User Versatility.
CIS is a software company that developed technology using VAS* Share Computing. By replacing traditional programming desktops, CIS achieved and increment of 30X in performance over conventional terminals and increase security centralizing their access and data storage. Moreover, CIS has allowed implement centralized Telecommuting with the benefit of safe keeping all the code that is developed for its customers.

Optima Tele Marketing S.A.

Minimum Common Denominator of the VAS* (DaaS)
OTM has a basic and very efficient version of Call Center terminals. This allows you to expand and retract their services on the VAS platform without incurring fixed costs.
OTM can remotely deploy their services facilitating the implementation their decentralized telemarketing centers.

Matra Corporation

Ubiquity of user terminals and centralization of data.
The Matra Corporation uses the VAS * technology to be more efficient in managing its users, centralize and secure wealth of knowledge and data of the company. In addition to reduce operating costs over time, VAS* allows any user in the organization work without necessarily having infrastructure assigned only to an individual. Matra used the VAS* technology to amplify his vision of an ”office without walls” in which all employees work in open spaces and in some cases without specific space assignment.